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SoundView Cockers
Past Puppies

May now "Gracie"
IS LOVED AND ADORED BY Susan and Greg and living in TN 


MAY 2015


February 2015 
Matilda's Puppies are now with their new families


Apple puppies from 2013
All happy in their new homes 

Kent and Zinnia
Petunia and Primrose

Enjoy this photo of Lauren sleeping with her best friend J


Love to you both and to all the doggies!  Have a happy Christmas and a merry New Year!!!



Anabel, Steven & Lauren


Ps: He is the most loving dog – thank you!!!!

Thanks to Touponse Family for Photo

SoundView's Peaceful Moonlight

Loved and adored by the Touponse family

Ella is just great!  We can't believe that she's a year old already and that just this week we will have her a year already!  Time flies...

She has been a wonderful and very loved addition to our family.  Ella is our little 'tomboy' as she can be as fiesty and playful as ever.  She attends doggy daycare a day or two each week so that she can play with other dogs.  The facility that I bring her to is like a country club for dogs - it cracks me up!  She gets to run and play, go for a swim and then nap in a lovely lounging area complete with soft music!  We should all be so lucky :-)

We believe that she must be a lot like her dad, Monti, because she is a very fast and agile dog!  She amazes people with her speed and stunts in the yard.  Most of all, she loves to play soccer... I know it sounds funny, but she really does play.  She pushes the ball with her nose and is quite funny with her duplicitous ways of holding on to the ball, not quite 'legal' at all :-)  Check out the photo I've attached and you'll understand why.

In addition to playing soccer or playing with any ball for that matter, Ella just loves being outside.  We've taken her to the beach and she loves to romp, swim, kayak and dig in the sand.  She loves riding in the car and sits so nicely that you forget she's with you. 

We couldn't have asked for a better dog for our family.  Ella will rough house with my teenage boys and chase them around like mad, but then nestle onto their laps and fall asleep.  We often get comments on her beautiful coloring and sweet face.  We are so blessed to have her with our family and know that she will bring us many, many years of joy!  Thank you so very much for our baby!

Enjoy the photos and please keep in touch.


Susan and family

Thanks to Touponse Family for Photo

SoundView's Moon Shadow


Loved and adored by Michelle


Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Brinkley is. He is the most loving and happy dog his tail never stops wagging. He thinks the world is his friend. I can't thank you enough for him he is the love of my life. I keep up with your website the pictures are beautiful, you and your husband have produced beautiful dogs, keep up the great job/labor of love you do.

                                          Michele Richmond.... June 15th 2012



SoundView's Over the Moon


Loved and Adored by Emma and Chloe

Greenwich CT

Jacquiline and Teddy
Teddy apple picking

Hi Judith, 
I just wanted to keep you updated on our beautiful Lacey.  She was spayed last Wednesday and it went very well.  She has completed puppy class and dog obedience class.  We are signing up for another session in the fall.  We are working on her walking nicely on the leash, she likes to walk us instead.  She is a firecracker!  She is also the sweetest dog in the world.  She loves to play with our neighbors dog, play fetch, and she loves snacking.  She eats everything, even couches. She really is a wonderful dog, we love her so much.  Lacey follows me everywhere, she won't stay anywhere if one of us isn't in the room.  She reminds us of Monti, she is very agile. She can jump onto our very high bed and she leaps off of the stairs (she skips 4 steps at a time).  She was the best puppy in class at the obstacle course.  You made a beautiful puppy.  Doesn't she look like her mother Matilda?  I can't thank you enough again for allowing us to adopt her.  She is amazing!  Happy Summer,  Love, Wendy 


Eric & Judith,

 We had wanted to contact you for awhile to let you know about Oscar. Oscar is absolutely the most awesome dog we have ever had! He is so friendly to everyone, including other dogs, and does not have a mean bone in his body (excuse the pun J).Everyone who meets him is utterly captivated by his wonderful personality….including our vet. As you may or may not remember his birthday, January 7th, was the same exact day that our other loving cocker, Duke, had died! We truly view Oscar as a gift from God and are so blessed and overjoyed to have him as a member of our family. We are also grateful to you both for the loving care you gave to him before we took him home with us.

May you and your family have a blessed and peaceful Christmas and much joy with your wonderful cockers ! 
Bob & Elyse Allbee 



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